What is a tornado?

Tornado ;The word Tornado originates from the Spanish word Tronada. In climatology, the term is used for a particular type of severe storm.Tornadoes are the most powerful of the airborne disturbances,Tornado is a severe but short-lived storm.


What is Tornado ?

  • Tornado is a severe but short-lived storm. This cyclone is the smallest in terms of size, but is most devastating and severe in terms of impact.
  • Critchfield gave the definition, stating that "The Tornado is the most severe storm in the lower troposphere. It is a tight vortex that cruises around a very low pressure center."
  • According to Wears, "Tornadoes are the most powerful of the airborne disturbances, yet their horizontal expansion and field of influence are so small that it is not possible to reveal them on synaptic charts."
  • According to Patterson, "The Tornado is an illusion of small horizontal expanses and extreme intensity that extends into a funnel-like shape on the underside of the thundercloud. In the United States, it is called a twister."

 Format and Structure of Tornado

  • The shape of the tornado is similar to that of the capillary or sieve, the thin part of which is related to the surface. The upper part is wide which is connected with the cumulus (Cumulonimbus) in the sky above.
  • The appearance of the tornado looks like an elephant's sand. Tornadoes range in diameter from 30 meters to 15 km. The lower part of the Tornado is black in color, as it touches the surface, it draws dust, garbage.
  • The center of the Tornado has minimum pressure, and there is so much difference in the pressure between the periphery and the center that this cyclone produces immense destructive power . Based on the damage done by these strong storms, the estimated velocity of the winds is 320 to 800 km. Per hour is considered. The speed of their movement is 32 to 64 km. There is an hour and they do not live for more than an hour, but in such a period of time they destroy the great disaster.
  • Tornado

Area of ​​Tornado

  • Tornado can be originated anywhere in the world except in polar regions and high latitudinal regions of continents in winter . But they originate in large numbers in the United States and Australia.
  • In the United States, they are found more in the Mississippi Valley and Greatplains east of the Rockies Mountains. It averages 145 tornadoes a year. The southern eastern states of the United States are also minor areas of the Tornado. The Tornado does not originate in the West of the Rockies.
Effects of Tornado
  • The birth and path of this cyclone is uncertain. As soon as the Tornado arrives, there is a dense cloud in the sky and it becomes completely dark.
  • It is characterized by strong storm, torrential rain, hail, thunder of thunder and lightning. The air takes a heavy form and the pressure is minimized.
  • Due to minimum air pressure cracks in houses and their roofs burst and fly in the sky. The cork of empty bottles opens due to a sudden change in air pressure. The strong winds in the Tornado are also great destructive. Due to these trees, electric poles etc. are uprooted.Excessive destruction from the tornado occurs when the lower part of the cloudy cloud touches the ground
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