what is acid rain ?

acid rain
acid rain

Acid rain, or acid deposition ; In addition to the global warming, acid rain has also become a major environmental problem. In the race for materiality, human beings have encouraged excessive exploitation of organic matter and industrial activities for achieving maximum desires and facilities, which has resulted in acid rain .The main cause of acid rain is NO NO2, S02, SO4, NH4 .Forests are destroyed due to the effect of acid rain .

Acid rain
Acid rain

Acid Rain Definition

  • In fact, the words acid rain was first used by Robert Smith of Britain in 1872.
  • According to Koramandi, 'any form of precipitation (rain, snow, etc.) in which the amount of acid is high is called acid rain .

Causes of Acid Rain

  • Acid rain
    Acid rain
  • It is necessary to know here that the acidicity or alkalinity of any liquid is known in pH.
  • When it is from 7 to 14, it will show continuous increase in alkaline nature. Conversely, if the pH value is less than 7, it would indicate acidic nature. The lower the pH value, the higher the acidicity. Therefore, when pH = 1, acidification will be highest.
  • Nitrogen oxide is produced naturally in the atmosphere, which forms nitric acid (HNO3) by various chemical reactions.
  • Similarly, burning of petroleum and coal in industries and transportation means a large amount of Sulfur dioxide. Oxidation arises due to which another sulfuric acid is formed.
  • These acids immediately dissolve in the water present in the air. In this way, when acidic substances produced in the atmosphere fall on the earth floor with drops of rain, it is called acid rain.

Acid Rain Damage  

Acid rain damage
Acid rain damage

  • The problem of acid rain was first observed in Europe in 1958 when the pH of rainwater was measured 4.8-5.2.
  • Industrialization in Norway and Sweden has been the effect that, as a result of acid rain, all the natural wealth of the lakes there has been destroyed and in biological terms such lakes had to be declared dead lake.
  • In 1979, the same effect was seen in Germany and the United Kingdom (UK). Similarly, outbreaks of acid rain are widespread in Canada. Thousands of rivers, lakes etc. are affected by acid rain. Outbreak of acid rain in Mexicans is very terrible. The city of Los Angeles, USA, has a pH measured around 3.0, indicating a severe condition.
  • Acid rain in India is not so severe right now. Acid rain has been observed in some places like Khetri Copper Mines in Rajasthan, Taj Mahal and Red Fort, etc. near Mathura Refineries.
  • Yellow marble of Taj Mahal is a side effect of acid rain.
  • Although the rate of fuel used in industrialization and transport systems in India is much lower than in developed nations, the outbreak of acid rain also remains low. But there is a risk of this problem in big cities in future, which needs to be cautious.

Acid Rain Effects

1. On buildings of ancient and historical importance, a wide impact of acid rain has been observed. This causes damage to Bhavens, Limestone, Slate etc. made of marble. Corrosion of marble by acid rain is called 'stone leprosy'.- In Italy and other countries, the precious stone idols have been destroyed by acid rain.

2. Lakes, rivers, ponds etc. sources are polluted due to acid rain, and this also destroys the water, fauna and plant wealth there and water is no longer useful.- Research has shown that if humans take such water for drinking, bones, kidneys and brainThe possibility of spoilage prevails. Breathing and skin diseases also occur.

3. Acidity increases the acidity of the soil, and it has an adverse effect on the productivity of the soil. Due to the effect of acid rain, forests are destroyed and the leaves, trunk roots and flowers of trees show unusual structure, and die before the time. Many beneficial micro-organisms present in the soil are also destroyed by acid rain.

4. Due to acid rain, heavy metals such as cadmium, zinc, copper, nickel, etc. dissolve, dissolve from their minerals and pollute the water with rain water, reaching lakes and rivers.So, the problem of acid rain is quite serious, and the resources to solve it globallyBy strictly following the rules made, we ensure the use of the world judiciously and proposecan do.
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